Remote Monitoring Machine

Leading-edge technology ensuring ease-of-access in home care support system

Making Access to Home Care Services Easier for All

At CareKnots, we know the significance of offering timely and professional home care service to patients and their families. That’s why we focus on utilizing best-in-class technology to put proven practices in place and help patients meet their daily or special needs comfortably and safely within their homes, along with ensuring caregivers are able to meet their job requirement efficiently.

100% Satisfaction

Full job satisfaction for registered nurses; timely and convenient access to experienced visiting nurses for families.

Experienced Staff

Patients and their families will be connecting with qualified and experienced visiting nurses who have the skill, are compassionate to provide desired services.

Maintaining Global Standards

We go full length to ensure that we are able to create a medical care platform that corresponds to global healthcare standards.

No Hidden Fee

Our main focus is on to connect families and patients with passionate caregivers meeting their needs, with no hidden fees or additional charges.